prodottiGrape, Sangiovese and Trebbiano, used to produce good IGT wine. 

Fruit and vegetables in season, to produce marmelades and cakes.

Extra-virgin olive oil 

We extract Extra-virgin Olive Oil Il Calesse esclusively by olive squeezing. Its organoleptic and sensorial characteristics come from the variety of olive trees (frantoio, moraiolo, leccino, pendolino) and from the climatic conditions where they live. 

Our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has the acidity lower than 0,8%. This is why we can call it “Extra-Virgin”. 



prodotti2Olives are completely harvested by hand, with traditional care. They are kept in aired plastic boxes for a very short period (max 24 hours), to avoid the fermentation of the pulp.

Then we take them to the oil mill, where we obtain olive oil through the traditional processes. 

We suggest to preserve it at fresh temperature (10-15° C), and far from light source (its green colour derives from chlorophyll, that modifies in contact to light).

We can sell it direcly or send following to an order.




Agriturismo il Calesse

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