Summer Camps for kids 

didatticaAt the end of school activities, in June and July, we organize weekly Summer Camps for kids (6-11 years old): the camps focus on the discovery of ancient crafts and daily life in the countryside. Summer camps are from Monday to Friday, up to a maximum of 20 kids. From farm animals to trees, from the orchard to the table, from the wood to the olive grove, kids have a great time together, with short trips to the nearby towns of Lucciano and Buriano, always in the form of didactic games! 

Seasonal educational workshops

They are mainly addressed to elementary and middle school classes, but also to small groups interested in learning about the rural world and its peculiarities, the tamtiche range from the olive harvest and the pressing, the harvest, the bread of the wood oven, the herbs aromatic, the ancient work tools.

•   Olive oil, the harvest and the mill 
•   Grape and wine, the wine cellar and the sommelier 
•   Aromatic herbs and their properties 
•   The wood, the stone quarry, and the medicean wall of Barco 
•   Renewable energies in the countryside 
•   The scarecrow in the garden 
•   Ancient crafts: the basket maker 
•   Ancient crafts: the wool spinner
•   Ancient crafts: from worm to silk 
•   Ancient crafts: the stone cutter 

In the didactic room it is possible to admire the ancient work tools and the equipments used for the production of oil, wine and the various agricultural products. 


escursioniIn their spare time the guests can run across the ecologic path in the chestnut wood and reach the medicean wall of Barco, the ancient building stone quarry and the glade where hunting formerly took place.

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