Via Carraia 215, 51039 Montorio (PT) - Toscana

Via Carraia 215, 51039 Montorio (PT) – Toscana

+39 0573750344

Who we are

The farm “The Gig” was born from the farm “F. lli Giuntini”, existing already in the 1860s, located on the green hills of Montalbano, in Tuscany.

The farm and the farmhouse has been completely renovated to welcome guests and offer genuine and relaxing.
The farm consists of extensive woods, olive groves, vineyards, for the production of olive oil, wine and timber.

Tradition, innovation and passion

Solar Energy

The comfort of the guests is ensured by the sun and its heat: solar panels, in fact, produce hot water for heating and water supply and sanitary. As in the past, even today, the nature offers us the wealth we need, without disturbing the environment and using the highest technologies.

Recovery Of Materials

The renovation of the farmhouse has faithfully followed the ecological principles, through the use of local materials and the recovery of elements from demolition.

Constructed wetlands

The disposal of sewage is through a bath of phytoremediation, in which the roots of the plants help in the purification of wastewater.

Rain Water Recovery

Save water, it was a system recovery: the water resulting from rain, in fact, is collected in a tank and used to irrigate the garden and orchard.

Photovoltaic Panels

For the production of electricity, we created a system of solar panels, enough to generate a 3.5 Kwh. Then, whenever we use electricity, we do it only with the light of the sun, and the exploitation of natural resources


The book, through oral histories and archival documents, reconstructs the history of the family from the decades following the unification of Italy up to the present day, examining the daily lives and the social fabric of generations of small landowners dedicated always to the maintenance and enhancement of its possessions

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