Via Carraia 215, 51039 Montorio (PT) - Toscana

Via Carraia 215, 51039 Montorio (PT) – Toscana

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Our structure offers the possibility of carrying out various activities

Path In The Woods

The route is of medium difficulty, is characterized by steep stretches. We recommend sneakers or hiking boots are not necessary poles or special equipment.
Travel time: 1.5 hours
At the end of the climb at the old washhouses, winds a trail in the woods, in a steep climb, but very short-at the end of which opens the view of the olive grove and on the plain between Pistoia, Prato and Florence. Proceeding towards the forest, beyond the remains of the Wall of the Medici del Barco Real, and reaches the hut of the masons, at the ancient stone quarry.
At the same altitude, but by taking the dirt road from the old washhouses, you will find our organic vineyard, the woods of acacia and chestnut trees.

Path Oliveto

The path in the olive grove has a walk in nature, slight difficulty. Time: 30 minutiSi enters in the grove of oaks and acacias, and reaches the olive grove, consisting of trees and herbs, the final from the traditional dry-stone walls. After crossing the small wooden bridge, you will reach the point with a panoramic view that opens onto Montorio and the valley between Pistoia and Florence, and then to reach the thicket, and the fruit trees, the wetlands and the chicken coop. Going up to the farmhouse, you can see the swimming pool, the throw-farm, the Barn.

Teaching activities and Workshops

Directed mainly to the classes of the elementary and secondary schools, but also in small groups interested in the rural world and its peculiarities.
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